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Exfor is Introducing a New Business Model

Exfor is Introducing a New Business Model

About us

Offering an entirely new way for trading platforms to operate, Exfor is a pocket-friendly forex platform. Built by a team of experienced financial experts, it welcomes small traders and offers a subscription-based commission that does not erode traders’ profits.

The Current Model is Broken

Forex and other commodity trading are one of the largest industries in the world. People trade currency and items, capturing the spread, or the difference between the buy and sell prices. Alternatively, people can speculate on the future price to go long or short.

While this has resulted in profits for many, the real winner is the platform or the brokerage. Why? Because the house never loses.

Offering a place for buyers and sellers to connect, the brokerages make an earning by taxing the trades made in the form of fees. The more a user trades, the more money the platform rakes in. With profits emanating from the number of trades, legacy trading platforms make money, whether the trader does or not.

The trading platforms may claim to benefit the users, but the real goal is to just encourage them to make more trades. The trader’s concern is the least of their worries.

In an attempt to make the most of profits, the platforms also place a higher minimum volume per trade. Small-time traders don’t make enough trades to be feasible for the brokerages. This effectively cuts out a large population that would otherwise be able to turn their financial status for the better.

Exfor’s Selfless Subscription Model

Created by a team of financial experts who have worked in some of the largest brokerages around the world, Exfor is on a mission to give more to traders than ever by offering one of the best trading environments.

This is done with a single major step that caters to the two biggest issues.

First, it does away with a commission-based business model. Instead, it offers a monthly fixed payment. With as little as $25 per month, Exfor users can make as many trades as they desire. No percentages on trades, an interbank spread, and transparency with blockchain means the users are given the full advantage. By this, Exfor offers private traders to break free from the oligopoly of trading platforms that forces them to pay extra the more they trade. An enslaving practice, this means more and more profits are taken away from the rightful owners and pocketed by the trading platforms.

Exfor is the only trading platform in the market that offers such a unique advantage. With a fixed and minimum payment, traders break the chains that bind them to suffer and pay huge percentages on their investments.

Secondly, with the monthly plans having extremely economical price tags, this breaks down the barrier to entry and even small traders can enjoy tapping into the world of forex and commodity trading.

Client Focused Services

With physical offices in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Exfor already has a global presence. Working on a geography-based market penetration strategy, Exfor will also start offering its services in the LatAm region and Africa.

The platform is already offering forex, metals, oil, and stocks to trade and as it expands its market, so will the trading pairs.

With the traders as the center of attention, Exfor gives not just a feasible trading environment, but the best environment. Using time-tested MT4 and MT5 trading interfaces and offering a full client funds protection program through a separate and dedicated account with MAYBANK in Malaysia.

This level of commitment and a disruptive change to the status quo stems from a deep desire by the Exfor team to provide ethical and feasible products to traders.

A Ph.D. holder, Khaled Alkheder has helped different brokerages by being the face of the firms for African and Arab clients. His expertise in the particular geographic market comes in handy for Exfor.

On the other hand, the technical approach of Ivan Marchena allows Exfor to build a technologically advanced platform that uses blockchain for data security and transparency, and long-term strategies.

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