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Exfor Offers Flat Fee in An Industry Where Brokers Fleece Customers Through Commissions

Exfor Offers Flat Fee in An Industry Where Brokers Fleece Customers Through Commissions

About us

The forex and commodities market, profitable as it is for investors, is marred by issues that give less and less to traders. One of the archaic methods used by brokers and platforms is taking a slice of the trades as a commission on services provided. Digital forex trading platform Exfor is on a mission to eradicate this practice.

Trade More, Earn Less

Trading forex and commodities are counted amongst the largest of industries. Investors make handsome amounts by capturing the spreads or speculating on future prices. While the risks do exist, the gains certainly outweigh and if played right, firms and individuals can make hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions.

Brokerages and trading platforms play a crucial role here. Acting as marketplaces, these allow buyers and sellers to connect. Their business model? Charge traders, every time they execute an order.

It sounds simple and logical. But this is where they start fleecing their users. Asking for a percentage of the order quantity, brokers and platforms manage to reap a fortune. All the efforts are made by the traders and they simply skim off the top. Cold and selfish, these platforms don’t even care if the trade is profitable or running in the red. All they care about is users trading more and more so they can make more.

To make the deceptively small slice they take feasible, brokers create conditions where only whales can take part. The result is a market where the wealthy and powerful can enter the forex and commodities trading. A brokerage earns more and more, while its users are forced to give up a significant profit to the platform.

Exfor Breaks the Status Quo

While legacy brokers only claim to offer the same services to all users, Exfor shows really what the term equal opportunities means.

In an industry-first, Exfor offers a market-disruptive subscription model. This means that for a fixed monthly payment (as low as $25), anyone can join the platform as a trader and start their financial journey. It doesn’t matter if they make ten trades or a thousand, Exfor only asks a fixed amount. Profits are given where due: to the trader.

The extremely low monthly fee also has a secondary effect. With such a small fixed monthly charge, Exfor opens the gates for small traders too. People who were cut off from the profitable forex and commodity trading market can join Exfor.

Using blockchain as its underlying technology, Exfor is a transparent trading platform where users can see what they’ve earned. The technology also makes the platform extremely secure and efficient, offering greater profit-making opportunities.

The result is a trading platform where anyone can join, regardless of their investment size or location. With Exfor, the public finally has a chance to capture opportunities previously denied to them.

Global Service, Localized Presence

Though Exfor is an online platform that offers services across all corners of the globe, it is increasingly working towards a geo-market offering. Plans to start dedicated services in the African and LatAm region are already in the works.

Exfor already has a wide range of services that cover different forex pairs, stocks, oil, and precious metals. As it establishes its services in South America and Africa, it will start to include local assets.

All of this is possible through Exfor’s highly capable team, led by people such as Ivan Marchena, a tech expert in blockchain, digital security, and business strategy. He is accompanied by Dr. Khaled Alkheder, a person with years of experience in helping African and Middle East backers make the right investments.

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