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Save On Commissions with Exfor, a Subscription Based Blockchain Powered Forex Platform

Save On Commissions with Exfor, a Subscription Based Blockchain Powered Forex Platform

About us

Current systems keep away retail investors and allow only whales to participate

Exfor is an online trading platform that redefines how the forex and precious assets trading environment works concerning client-broker relations.

Based on a subscription-based model, the Exfor offers a realignment of goals for both sides, offering an industry first with its innovative and one-of-a-kind services that opens the gates to high profile investments, even for the little guy!

The current investment system is designed to keep away retail investors and allow only whales to participate, especially with per trade commissions that can be too high for small time inventors. Exfor helps get rid of this quagmire with a minimum flat monthly fee of just $25 that gives unlimited trades for the whole month.

Currencies, Metals, Oils, and Stocks

Exfor is more than just a Forex trading platform. It offers a variety of different trading pairs for its users including precious metals, crude oil, and even stocks. With offices spread all over the world (Asia, Middle East, and Europe), the platform is the first in the world with its fixed payment structure.

Combining blockchain and complete transparency that bigwigs such as such as XM, OctaFX and Exness fail to do, Exfor helps retailers save money on commissions and increase profitability by:

  • Manipulation-Free Trading: Exfor doesn’t earn from the market, so it always gives its users the right trading values.
  • Transparency: With all trading data on the blockchain, Exfor offers transparency for all executions, visible to all.
  • Raw Spreads: No markup and the best market price for all your trades.
  • Liquidity Aggregation: All trades under one roof for the best price.
  • Subscription: From a flat $25 per month to 3/6/9/12 month bulk subscriptions, you have to pay only once per term and enjoy all the trades you can do.

Unlike other platforms that will be too expensive, have slow information flow and rack up on hidden charges, Exfor is built to combat these issues. Exfor also cares for its users’ funds through insurance, with all funds completely safe and held in dedicated accounts with MAYBANK, a AAA Malay bank.

Serviced Locations and Partnerships

With an emphasis on a geographic-based marketing strategy and providing top-of-the-line services in the most efficient and economical manner, Exfor is already working towards building a partnership network that spreads across the globe.

This includes technical providers such as MetaQuotes, Your Bourse, Brokeree Solutions, and others for timely and accurate data integration. Exfor is pursuing expanding its partnerships with other forex industry players as well.

Currently, Exfor’s services and partnerships allow it to service the Arab/African region in countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, etc.; and the greater Latin America with Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina.

Over the next 2 years, Exfor plans to not only expand to other markets but become a go-to choice for people as it transforms itself into an investment bank.

Professional Services by a Professional Team

The services by Exfor are made possible through the inclusion of team members that are handpicked for their expertise and experience. Each member offers a unique perspective on the operations and running of Exfor and the different skill sets combine to form a formidable financial team.

Two members particularly stand out.

Ivan Marchena has more than a decade of experience in the fintech industry, specifically blockchain and crypto. He is renowned for his speeches and successful trading strategies.

Having a long-term approach towards profitability and trading, Ivan focuses on the larger goals, yet has a keen eye for the smallest of details. He has worked with mega-corporations in the financial industry such as Libertex Group and Prime XBT.

Working with stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments, Khaled Alkheder holds a Ph.D. in International Economics. Hailing from the Middle East region, he has worked with brokerage firms to handle their Arab and North African relations, helping him gain an edge that is of particular advantage to Exfor.

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